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Chinese Beef Noodle

Chinese beef noodle is a dish made in the Chinese style using beef as one of the main ingredients. They were originally a creation of Hui tribe, subjects of Tang Dynasty and are today a popular fast food option in China. Taiwan population considers it their national dish. Each year a festival of Beef Noodles is held in Taipei. This festival witnesses several famous chefs as well as restaurants competing to be the winner of best Chinese beef noodles.


Red Roasted Beef Noodles -There exist two types of beef noodles and the difference essentially lies in the manner that the broth is cooked. In case of red roasted beef noodles the soup is cooked using soy sauce. The meat is stir fried in hot sauce and subsequently allowed to simmer. Some chefs allow the stock to simmer along with the bone marrow. The noodles prepared are usually spicy because of the spice powder called Doubanjiang added to it. Influenced primarily by the hot and sour preparation of the Szechuan soups, this soup is also called "Szechuan Beef Noodle Soup".

Eating and Serving: The red roasted beef noodles are used in several dishes. They are served as plain noodles as well as beef soup noodles. They are served in bowls all across China and garnished with herbs.

Consommé Beef NoodlesThis soup preparation follows Chinese Muslim way of cooking. The soup includes the usage of halal meat, which is not cooked in soy sauce. In order to add to the flavor of the soup ingredients like star anise, salt, white pepper, green onions and red chilies are used. Hence this stewed beef along with the beef broth comprising vegetables and the famous Chinese noodles becomes the famous mixture for the sumptuous Chinese beef noodle soup.

Eating and Serving: The noodles are taken as a meal without side dishes. Taiwan follows the practice of teaming these noodles with dried tofu, pork intestine or seaweed.

Nutrition Value

Chinese beef noodles contain a total of 547 calories. They also have a total fat content of 16.38g with cholesterol of 40mg. The noodles also have sodium to the tune of 1525 mg along with 904 mg of potassium. The carbohydrates amount to 56.88 g along with proteins of 30.3 g. The Chinese beef noodles are also rich in iron, vitamins and minerals. Overall this is an extremely healthy as well as easily available option for a Chinese appetite.