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Chinese Beef Broccoli

Chinese Beef Broccoli is a very famous flavorsome stir-fry dish that brings together the interesting combination of beef and fresh broccoli to produce an aromatic oriental dish. This is quite a popular dish that features on restaurant menus but is not too difficult to prepare at home either.


Beef sirloin, sliced thinly into strips, cornstarch, rice wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, sliced green onions, head of broccoli cut into small florets, baking soda, water and cooking oil are the ingredients required.


The beef strips are set aside to marinate in a mixture of cornstarch and rice wine. In a wok, little oil is heated and onion is sautéed until transparent. The beef strips are stir-fried until half done. Sugar, dissolved in soy sauce is then added. Lastly, the broccoli florets and oyster sauce are added and mixed well to merge all the flavors together. A pinch of baking soda, added along with broccoli, helps it to retain the bright green color. Water is added if needed and the dish is served hot once done.

Nutrition Information

Approximately 235 g of the Chinese Barbeque Sauce provides-

• 150.3 calories with 36 calories from fat

• 4 g total fat with 0.5 g saturated fat

• 46.6 mg cholesterol

• 1528.9 mg sodium

• 20.9 g of total carbohydrates with 6.2 g of sugar and 4.3 g of dietary fiber

• 6.6 g of protein

Beef is valued for being a rich protein source. It has a high amount of Vitamins B6 and B12 that have the capacity to breakdown potentially harmful homocysteine with a consequent reduction in cardiovascular disease risk. Organic beef is considered a good source of zinc and selenium that maintain the immunity of the human body and lower the intensity of inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

Beef is also rich in iron and phosphorous. Iron facilitates oxygen transportation through the blood to all cells, tissues, organs and muscles and thus prevents fatigue. Phosphorous is necessary in maintaining strong teeth and bones.

Broccoli contains high levels of potassium, essential in maintaining a healthy nervous system as well as optimal brain performance, apart from the fact that it promotes normal muscle growth. Potassium, together with the high magnesium present, ensures better blood pressure regulation. It has a good amount of both calcium and Vitamin Kwhich are needed for optimal bone health. It also contains antioxidant nutrients like Vitamin C, beta-carotenes, lutein and indole-3-carbinol that not only strengthen body’s natural defenses but also fight cancer.

Nutritional Improvement

• Lean beef must only be used to keep the fat and calorific value under check.

• Bok Choy may be used to further increase fiber, vitamin and antioxidant content.

• Kosher salt and low-sodium sauces may help lower down the sodium content.