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Chicken Duck Sauce

Chicken Duck Sauce refers to the special sauce used in the preparation of exotic chicken and duck dishes. Addition of this one condiment as an ingredient delivers an impressive depth-of-flavour to even extremely basic chicken and duck recipes.

A very versatile and simple Citrus Red Wine Reduction Sauce used for Poultry dishes such as Chicken and Duck preparations can elevate a basic dish to an exceedingly tasteful experience. This sauce is quick to prepare with very few ingredients and requires minimal effort but produces incomparable results.


Dry red wine, orange juice, unsalted butter, sprinkle of orange zest in measured amounts and pinch of sea salt are all the ingredients needed to make the Citrus Red Wine Reduction Sauce.

Tip: The most crucial element is the use of dry red wine. The citrus component of this recipe i.e. the orange zest adds a characteristic sweetness to the sauce. If dry red wine is not used, there is a risk of the sauce becoming overwhelmingly sweet. Therefore dry red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Red Zinfandel are the best options, for this sauce recipe. However, even Bordeaux or Pinot Noir also makes for an excellent base in this red wine sauce recipe.

Red wine helps to not only incorporate intense flavour variations but also to tenderize the duck or chicken meat and hasten the cooking process.


After bringing the wine to boil over high heat, it is allowed to reduce to half the original volume on a medium simmer. Orange juice, zest and sea salt are added. Finally, the butter is mixed in while constantly stirring. As the butter melts, the sauce gains a buttery smoothness and richness which indicates that the sauce is ready for use.


When there seems to be monotony setting in with the same duck and chicken recipes being repeated over and over time and again, using this sauce in these poultry recipes makes for a totally different taste experience.

This sauce is excellent for use over any grilled, baked, poached, roasted, or pan fried duck or chicken preparation.