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Australian Chinese

Australian Chinese is a delectable type of fusion cuisine that comprises of food items such as fried rice, stir fries, dim sims and spring rolls all of which have become a staple food item in the down town food courts and canteens of Australia. Many bakeries in Australia sell a combination of baked goods comprising of biscuits, cakes, tarts and croissants along with traditional Chinese delicacies such as custard buns and donuts to meet the needs of the huge Chinese population that has migrated to these cities.

Today's Chinese-Australian restaurants have become as popular as their Chinese-American counterparts and are found in almost every nook and corner of Australia. Australians prefer deep fried Chinese food and the most popular dishes here are made using products such as eggs, chicken, corn, lamb, wontons, mantou or steamed beans and noodles. The foods coming under this category are mostly devoid of rich spices which make them harmless and healthy. Deep fried meat dumplings called “dim sum” are also a hot favorite among the locals and are sold in both the non-Chinese as well as Chinese fast food restaurants in Australia.

Chiko rolls or egg roll snacks, long soup or noodle soup, short soup or wanton soup, scallop dumplings, super browned chicken feet, mixed vegetable bun or sang choy bao, red bean cakes etc. are the most common dishes that come under this Australian Chinese cuisine. Apart from this, delicious sea food items such as rock lobster with cellophane noodles, cuttle fish, duck feet, cold octopus and jelly fish also find a place in this type of cuisine.

Other typical dishes include:

  • Jiaozi, that is steamed or boiled dumplings
  • Soup and fried noodles
  • Guotic or fried dumplings
  • Xia Long Bao or the soup dumplings
  • Baozi or filled and steamed buns
  • Tea egg prepared by stewing tea
  • Soy egg cooked in Soy Sauce

Australian Chinese cuisine is popular not only in several parts of Australia but has also insinuated itself into the main culture of America and other countries in Asia. The restaurants that serve foods of this cuisine in Australia include:

  • The Shark Fin Inn, Chinatown, Melbourne
  • Jan Bo, China Town, Melbourne
  • Marigold, George Street
  • Fu Manchu, Darlinghurst
  • East Ocean Dim Sum, Sussex Street
  • Vicasia, Albert Park
  • Flower Drum, Melbourne

Australian Chinese cuisine is listed among the world renowned recipes of today. Well-known for its spice less yet tangy taste, these lip smacking foods can suit everyone’s taste without causing any harmful effects on the digestive system.