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Vegan Sichuan Goulash

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A delicious vegan/vegetarian recipe. Aired on Supreme Master Television on April 27 2007.
  Tvp chunks 100 Gram
  Carrot 300 Gram
  Potatoes 300 Gram
  Radish 300 Gram
  Sugar 2 Tablespoon
  Vegetable seasoning 2 Tablespoon
  Soy bean paste 2 Tablespoon
  Red vinegar 2 Tablespoon
  Dark soy sauce 2 Tablespoon
  Soy sauce 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
  Water 1500 Milliliter
  Star anise 1
  Sichuan pepper 6
  Oil 6 Tablespoon

Soak the TVP in hot water in a bowl for 20 mins to soften them. Once they are soft rinse them into cold water and squeeze out the excess water from the chunks. Cut the chunks into small cubes. Peel the carrot, radish and potato. Cut the potato in cubes and the carrots diagonally. Slice the radish.

Prepare the sauce by mixing soy sauce, dark soy sauce, red vinegar, vegetarian seasoning and sugar. Chop the chili bean paste and sichuan pepper finely.

Put the TVPs in heated skillet to evaporate the moisture and to make them golden and crispy. Add oil to the skillet and saute nicely. Put them in a separate bowl.

In the skillet pour more oil and deep fry the chili bean paste in heated oil. Put other vegetables and stir fry for 5 mins to blend with the spice. Break the star anise into pieces and add to the skillet. Add the TVPs and stir fry all together. Finally add green beans and sitr fry little more. When the vegetables are ready pour the soy sauce mixture over them and add water.Cover with lid and let it cook for 5-10 minutes at medium-high heat.

Transfer the vegetables in a big pot, add more water, stir them together and cover with lid. Let it cook for 30 mins on low heat.

Prepare the spaghetti or noodle according to the instruction. Serve the goulash with noodle.
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Vegan, Vegetarian
Special chefs from New Zealand demonstrate how to prepare a vegetarian goulash in the video. Goulash is primarily a meat dish from Hungary and in the video the chef's twist it to suit the vegetarian food lovers and make it a fusion recipe. This is a hearty recipe which provides nourishment of all kind. So try it now.

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Vegan Sichuan Goulash Recipe Video