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WaterLily Platter

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  Canned bamboo shoots 1 Pound
  Cucumber 1 , unpeeled
  Water lily radishes 1
  Cooked duck slices 6 (Wafer Thin Slices)
  Lean ham slices 5 (Wafer Thin Slices)
  White chicken meat slices 6 (Wafer Thin Slices)
  Canned awabi slices 6 (Wafer Thin Slices)
  Mushrooms 6
  Canned green asparagus 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)

Slice the bamboo shoots and the unpeeled cucumber to your liking.
Prepare the 'water-lily' radishes.
Fold the slices of cooked duck, ham, chicken meat and awabi and arrange the various ingredients to make an attractive pattern.
This arrangement also enables the guests to help themselves to what they like, without disturbing the arrangement too much.
Group each ingredient for colour contrast.
For instance, the green asparagus separating the white chicken meat; the green cucumber accenting the bamboo shoots and so on.
The centre-piece is awabi cut into petal shapes to form a flower.
TO MAKE RADISH 'WATER-LILIES' Choose radishes of good shape.
See that they are not too long and not too squat.
Starting at the pointed end of each radish, cut petal shapes almost to the base with a small sharp knife.
Drop the radishes into very cold, preferably iced, water and the 'petals' will spring out.

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WaterLily Platter Recipe