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Stuffed Chili

Stuffed chili is a popular savory and spicy dish from Mexican cuisine, having its origin in Puebla. It is often prepared by filling hollowed out poblano chile peppers with meat or vegetable mix, with the dish often known as stuffed chili relleno or stuffed chile relleno. However, it is not always necessary to make use of poblano peppers to prepare the dish; other kinds of chili peppers like green bell peppers, red chili peppers, banana peppers, and jalapeno peppers can also be used to prepare the dish. A slit is created vertically in the chile peppers, and the veins and seeds are removed before they are filled with the desired chili stuffing. The stuffed chili peppers can be cooked in various ways, viz. frying, grilling or oven baking methods.

Commonly Used Ingredients and Preparation Overview of Stuffed Chile Relleno

Stuffed Chile relleno pepper is a very popular Mexican dish, the recipe of which calls for the use of poblana chile peppers, lean ground beef, chopped onions, chopped garlic, eggs, salt, pepper, mozzarella cheese, flour, tomatoes, and corn as the ingredients.

The preparation process suggests getting rid of the skin of the chili peppers first by placing the peppers either under a broiler or directly over flame and then allowing them to sweat by placing them in a plastic bag. After getting rid of the burnt skin, the peppers are placed under cold running water for getting rid of any remains of burnt skin, before creating a vertical slit and removing the veins and seeds. The peppers are then stuffed halfway with ground beef mix (a sautéed mix of ground beef, onions, tomatoes, garlic, and seasonings); and the remaining half is stuffed with mozzarella cheese. The slits are then closed, secured with toothpicks, and each stuffed chili relleno is then coated with flour, dipped in well beaten eggs, and fried in hot oil until golden.

Stuffed Chili Recipe Variations

Among numerous recipe variations of stuffed chile peppers, a few popular ones have been discussed below:

· Thai stuffed chili peppers- these chili peppers are perfect for people preferring spicy flavor. Any kind of peppers like red peppers, banana pepper, or jalapeno pepper can be used to prepare the spicy Thai stuffed chile pepper. The chili stuffing consists of chicken or shrimp mix, usually flavored with popular Thai herbs and spices like garlic, coriander, ginger, black pepper etc. The stuffed peppers are dipped in a batter made of flour, salt, and water, and then fried in hot oil, before they are served along with Thai sweet chili sauce.

· Grilled stuffed chili relleno- the Mexican variant suggests filling hollowed out poblano chile peppers with a mix of onions, red bell peppers, jalapenos, cumin, cilantro, baked beans, cheese, hot sauce, and seasonings, and then cooking them on a grill until chilies get tender. A recipe variant suggests using green bell pepper in place of poblano chile peppers. This is a perfect dish for vegans.

· Potato-and Cheese-Stuffed Chili Peppers- one of the popular Mexican recipes suggests filling poblano chile peppers with cheese and potato stuffing. Sweet potatoes can also be used in place of potatoes as the stuffing ingredient. A mix of mashed potatoes, milk, garlic, green onions, and red chili powder is prepared and spooned into hollowed out and partially cooked poblano peppers, before placing them in oven for baking. Shredded cheese is sprinkled on the top of chili peppers before the baking process starts.

Nutrition Information about Chile Relleno

One poblano pepper, the commonly used chili pepper in stuffed chili recipes, contains 0.11g of fat (a blend of saturated fat, mono-unsaturated fat, and polyunsaturated fat), 2mg of sodium, 112 mg of potassium, 2.97g of carbohydrates, and 0.55 g of protein.