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  Ground beef/Null 5 Pound (Null)
  Onions/Null 3 Large, chopped (Null)
  Celery ribs/Null 5 , chopped (Null)
  Canned diced tomatoes/Null 56 Ounce (2 Cans, 28 Ounce Each, Undrained)
  Canned kidney beans/Null 32 Ounce, drained, rinsed (2 Cans, 16 Ounce Each)
  Canned pork and beans/Null 28 Ounce (1 Can)
  Canned condensed tomato soup/Null 21 1⁄2 Ounce (2 Cans, 10 3/4 Ounce Each, Undiluted)
  Water/Null 2 2⁄3 Cup (42.67 tbs) (Null)
  Chili powder/Null 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs) (Null)
  Salt/Null 3 Teaspoon (Null)
  Garlic powder/Null 2 Teaspoon (Null)
  Seasoned salt/Null 2 Teaspoon (Null)
  Pepper/Null 2 Teaspoon (Null)
  Ground cumin/Null 1 Teaspoon (Null)
  Dried thyme/Null 1 Teaspoon, crushed (Null)
  Dried oregano/Null 1 Teaspoon, crushed (Null)
  Dried rosemary/Null 1 Teaspoon, crushed (Null)
  Cayenne pepper/Null 1⁄2 Teaspoon (Null)

In a large soup kettle, cook the beet onions and celery over medium heat until meat is no longer pink; drain.
Stir in the remaining ingredients.
Bring to a boil.
Reduce heat; simmer, uncovered, for 1 hour.

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