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Pepper Chicken

Pepper chicken is one of the most sumptuous prepared delicacies that can be made in a variety of assortments. Pepper chicken recipe is part of the South Asian cuisine and this dish is a spicy combination of chicken and vegetables in a pepper sauce. This dish is really easy to make and is the perfectly complements if Chinese is on the menu. The ingredients for pepper chicken recipe include boneless chicken breast, sliced onions, green bell pepper, soy sauce, fresh black pepper and oil. The chicken needs to be cut into strips and marinated in soy sauce. Then oil needs to be heated and onions, bell pepper and black pepper should be stir-fried in it. Now the chicken strips can be added and cooked till it becomes tender. Then soy sauce along with a little bit of sugar can be added and sir-fried for some more time. Pepper chicken can be enjoyed with fried rice or noodles and its rich black pepper flavor makes it perfect for an evening meal.