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Why Do Chinese Hate Kung Pao Chicken

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It is surprising that the Chinese hate kung pao chicken while it is one of the most favored chicken recipes of Chinese origin in the USA. But what are the reasons behind this non-popularity? Let’s find out…

Reason No. 1

The Chinese have a special liking for chicken cartilage, skin, and soft meat. They are not fond of solid meats like the chicken breast, for instance. They find it lacking in taste. They are also averse to cooking & consuming the fleshy part of chicken and kung pao chicken is all about cooking the fleshy part in sauce.

chicken breast


Reason No. 2

Szechwan style Kung Pao is made with Heaven peppers which are not available in the United States. It is strictly a Chinese ingredient and is available only in Southwest China. Consequently, it is this difference in flavor of the sauce (made with other varieties of pepper) that gets the Chinese goat.

heaven pepper


Reason No. 3

In the Westernized recipe the taste of Kung Pao chicken becomes sweet and sour. However, the Chinese prefer their sauce to be syrupy and starchy. The difference in taste is yet another reason for the Chinese to dislike it. They consider it to be an aberration.

sweet and sour sauce


Well, the Americans do not seem bothered though! In fact they love their kung pao chicken and would readily defend it when confronted by a Chinese.


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Why Do Chinese Hate Kung Pao Chicken