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How To Brine Chicken To Keep It Tender

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Brining chicken is the best way to get tender roasted, grilled or smoked chicken. So without procrastinating further, today you get set to learn how to brine chicken to keep it tender because it’s no fun eating a hard roasted or grilled chicken.

How to prepare brine solution for brining chicken or meat?


Firstly, you would need to prepare brine solution, its pretty simple.


You will need


  • ½ cup salt
  • 1 gallon cold water
  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • Black pepper



Mix salt and sugar in a cup of hot water and add it to the remaining cold water.

Add some black pepper and chill the brine solution in a refrigerator.


This is a basic brine solution recipe. Additives like wine, lime wedges, soy sauce, herbs, spices, garlic, tea or even beer can be added to the brine solution.


How To Brine Chicken To Keep It Tender?


  • Before starting to brine chicken, make sure it is cleaned properly. There is no scope for any cleaning after brining chicken.


  • Pat dry chicken after cleaning and washing.


  • Take a large container and place the chicken inside. Fill it with chilled brine solution until the chicken is completely dipped in brine.


  • Keep the container in the refrigerator because brining chicken yields best results when brining is done below 40° F.


How Long Do You Brine Chicken?


  • Brining chickenbreasts or wings requires the chicken to sit in the brine solution for only 1 to 2 hours.


  • Brining whole chicken should be done for a minimum of 5 hours and maximum of 12 hours.


Make a note: Over brining will spoil the chicken.


Tips for cooking brined chicken


  • After brining, give a good rinse to the chicken before cooking.


  • Brined chicken already has enough salt so do not season with more salt.


  • Brined chicken cooks pretty fast so check the chicken frequently while cooking to avoid over cooking. Use a cooking thermometer if required.


This was the basic procedure for brining chicken; the same method can be applied for brining meat and turkey. Brining is the best way to keep the meat tender when it is cooked dry and it’s also helpful in cooking hard meat faster. So after you try brining chicken you could probably try brining turkey and witness the advantage of brining meat before cooking.


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How To Brine Chicken To Keep It Tender