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How To Skim Fat From Chicken Broth

Chicken Broth-fat skimming

Chicken broth is definite to hold a special place in your heart for a very simple reason -you can make an array of different soups from it. However, skimming fat is quite essential when it comes to making a broth. Why have that additional fat when you can lose it? The process is quite simple really. Just follow the steps below and be prepared to do it like a pro…


Get The Chicken Broth Ready

  • Make the chicken broth by either boiling chicken parts or just the bones in water. You can add salt to the broth if you like, or you can add salt later on, in the soup stage.    

  • Remove broth from the stove and let it cool down to room temperature.

  • Then transfer it into a convenient vessel and place it inside the fridge for a few hours.


Take the broth out of the fridge. The fat would have condensed and formed a thin layer on top. You can skim fat from chicken broth by the following methods.


Skimming Fat From Chicken Broth: Made Easy

  • Use a spoon for skimming fat off the broth.

  • Use a clean kitchen paper to remove fat. Ok, all you have to do is place the paper on top of the fat layer for a couple of seconds and then remove it. The kitchen paper would absorb all the fat. You can repeat this process for a couple of times until the fat is totally removed.

  • You can also skim fat from the broth by filtering it into another vessel through a clean cloth.


Here’s another way of doing it:-


Have fun skimming!


Image Courtesy: thegfcflady 

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How To Skim Fat From Chicken Broth