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How To Slaughter A Chicken

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Slaughtering animals is not for the weak hearted, but by far in my opinion, slaughtering a chicken is the least difficult of all the tasks. To help you in this task here are some easy to follow instructions on how to slaughter a chicken. So read on…


It is essential that you choose healthy well nourished birds, free of any diseases and injuries. It is also recommended that the bird be of the right weight and age, too small a bird and it will be all bones and no meat, and too old – the meat will be more like rubber! 


Once you have selected the bird the most difficult part is catching the bird, for the chicken somehow instinctively seems to realize the danger and runs for life.  At the same time, you would like the hen to have as little workout as possible before the slaughter (this helps in keeping the meat soft). To catch the chicken swiftly and firmly grab her legs when she is resting in the coop. hold her firmly till the bird relaxes and then proceed to the next step.


The culling funnels help in killing the birds more humanely

Killing the Chicken: There are many ways in which you might choose to kill the bird; you might hold the hen firmly in one hand and twist its neck with the other or use a high voltage electric shock. However, if you want to kill the chicken humanely then follow these instructions: 


You will need a large metal funnel (large enough to hold the chicken in), using a metal saw cut 2” of the narrow portion of the funnel. Hang the funnel over a bin. Now put the bird into the funnel head first, so that the head and the neck stick out of the funnel and the rest of the body is secured within. Using a sharp knife swiftly cut the neck and jugular vein of the bird keeping the spinal cord intact. This was the bird will begin to bleed profusely (the blood will be collected in the bin below) and faint but will not die, the heart will continue to beat and pump out blood. Leave the bird this way till almost all blood has drained out. Now, just pick the bird out of the funnel, place it over a chopping block and with a sharp axe behead the bird. Make sure that you have cut the spinal cord and the brain stem, the bird will not die otherwise (heard of the headless chicken!)


Scalding the chicken helps in faster and easier plucking of the henTo pluck the chicken, hold it with its legs, and hold it in hot water maintained at 160oF for 1 min, this will loosen the feathers, making the plucking process easier. Now just pull out all the feather, to remove the smaller feather singing is recommended, for this hold the bird over open flame, the remnant feathers will burn off. 


To dress the chicken, cut around the anal region and pull out the chicken gut. Once you have free the intestines out insert you hand inside and pull out all the innards. Now with a pair of sharp clippers cut the entire neck portion and remove any remaining organs and membranes from this area. 


Quickly wash the bird with cold water, this not only cleans the bird but also reduces its temperature, which is essential to prevent microbial growth in the chicken.


Now your dressed chicken is ready to be cooked. For some great chicken recipes, do refer to these recipes on

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How To Slaughter A Chicken