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How To Rotisserie Chicken?

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The moment we think about rotisserie chicken, all that flash in our minds is its huge popularity and great taste – and along with it, perhaps also the sigh that makes us wonder if we can ever learn how to rotisserie chicken. Well, the good news is – now we can; and the best news is that it is quite easy and simple.
Rotisserie chicken is not just great in taste, it is also very healthyRotisserie is a typical way of roasting, where the meat is skewered on a spit. This method is typically used to roast large joints or whole animal. For chicken specifically, it is almost always used to roast the whole animal.

To rotisserie a chicken you need to follow these basic steps:

Step 1 – Set the Kit:
The first step is to set the rotisserie kit on your grill. Different types of rotisserie may have different processes and techniques of being set up. Hence, follow the user manual and set the kit up accordingly.

Step 2 – Clean the Chicken:  
Now, prepare the chicken. Wash and clean the chicken well. Remove cavity from within and cut off any loose skin that it may have. For rotisserie chicken specifically, it is important that you use fresh chicken and not the frozen ones. The taste offered by fresh chicken is far better than the frozen ones.

Step 3 – Truss the Chicken:
Trussing a chicken lets it cook more evenly when put inside the rotisserie and at the same time, looks nice when served on the table.
•    For trussing a chicken, you need a heatproof butcher twine. Cut the twine about three feet long.
•    Place the chicken with the breast side up.
•    Run the string under the drumsticks and wrap the chicken tightly. Ensure that the whole chicken is tightly pulled together.
•    Now, cross the string over the breast and run it under the wings. Pull the string on the top of the chicken breast and tie it tightly.
•    Trim off the excess string.

Step 4 – Season the Chicken:
For a really tender chicken, you can brine the chicken for some time. Then, season the whole chicken for better flavors. For this, you can either use marinades or glazes or even dry herbs. To season the meat perfectly, first poke the chicken at different points with a fork. Then apply the seasonings with your hands. Ensure that the seasonings get under the skin as much as possible.

For rotisserie chicken, basting (on the spit) is the traditional way of seasoning it. However, this method needs a lot of attention and the meat can burn easily. Instead, try applying marinades and sauces for better and juicier results. Once the seasoning is done, put it in the rotisserie of being roasted. Keep glazing from time to time when the chicken is being roasted.

Rotisserie chicken is not just great in taste, it is also very healthy. The fat content in a rotisserie chicken is quite less, as the fat in the chicken is drained off when roasted in this way. To top it, it just takes 15 minutes of your time for the entire thing to be ready. Easy and healthy, non-fussy and non-fatty, this is one dish that surely needs an attempt at home.

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How To Rotisserie Chicken?