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How To Pluck A Chicken

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Tips on how to pluck a chickenFree range poultry is now considered to be the latest trend! You might be raising chickens in your farm or buying them from a farmer - still you have to know how to pluck a chicken so that you can cook it fresh. Plucking chicken can be a bit dirty if you don’t do it right – here are some easy instructions on plucking a chicken.

• Get a big pan which can hold a chicken.
• Place it with water on your stove and let the water boil.
• When the water boils, you have to remove the pan from the stove and take it outside your home.
• You should now put on a pair of thick gloves because you will have to grab the chicken by holding its feet.
• Grab it and put it in hot water.
• You will now need a stick to keep pushing the chicken into the water, as it will tend to come up.
• You have to ensure that the feathers of the chicken are well soaked in the water.
• Let it soak for 10 seconds – if it is soaked for more time, it shall start cooking.
• Once, you take it out from the water, you can start pulling all the feathers out.
• Keep pulling out handfuls of feathers one after another.
• It can take around 25 minutes to completely pluck the chicken.
• It might take a little longer if there are pin feathers. You can use a knife too to remove feathers.
Your task is not over once you have plucked the chicken – ensure that you have cleaned the place well.

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How To Pluck A Chicken