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Ricardo Larrivee

Ricardo Larrivée is a chef, food writer, and a TV Host. He is a trained hotel management graduate and currently seen on TV shows, Ricardo and Friends, being aired on Food Network Canada, and Ricardo, on Radio Canada.

Chef Ricardo Larrivee’s Professional Life

Ricardo’s zeal for culinary delights began when he enrolled in the Institut de tourism et d’hotellerie du Quebec (ITHQ), which is one of the top hospitality institutes of Quebec. The restaurant life did not interest Ricardo much, therefore, he went back to communications and studied in Ottawa. After this, Larrivee moved to Regina, Saskatchewan and there he got a job in Radio-Canada. He used to cook simple and elaborate dishes in his free time, and he gained immense popularity of being a good cook. This led him to get a job in his first radio show on Radio-Canada.

Ricardo moved to Montreal after working for Radio-Canada and continued to share his knowledge of recipes and enthusiasm through newspapers, television and radio. He has made exceptional remark on television shows like Indicatif Present, Secrets de famille, Menu a la carte, Christiane Charrette, Peche Mignon and Beau temps pours’etendre. He has been writing column in the lifestyle section of the newspaper, La Presse.

Noteworthy Works of Ricardo Larrivee

Ricardo Larrivée is a popular chef in the entire Quebec.

TV Shows

'Ricardo and Friends' is aired on Food Network Canada

Ricardo, is aired on Radio Canada.


Ricardo: Meals for Every Occasion: This book by Ricardo is a collection of well tested recipes including the quick and casual dishes to the fancy dishes.

Weekend Cooking: The book is a collection of easy to make recipes along with the nutritional and health properties of each recipe.

Ma Cuisine Weekend: The book had a print run of more than 65,000 copies.


Ricardo’s magazine, name Ricardo is published 5 times in a year, with each issue’s print run of over 80,000 copies.