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Mr Bobby Que

Mr. Bobby Que is the person who has been credited with a Masters and a Doctrate in the original art of barbequeing meats the correct way. His continuous research on barbeque for over 35 years has earned him the title of a Barbeque Scientist and a 'How to Barbeque' pioneer.

Professional Life of Mr. Bobby Que

Mr. Bobby Que has been researching and developing the craft of how to barbeque the correct way for over 35 years. He has also been at practising the art himself for 7 years before finally mastering it. Mr. Que has been focussing on this activity from even before 1976. In those days television was considered young and Mr. Que has been credited as the first one to demonstrate the correct ways of making a perfect barbeque, on television. He also gave talks on Talk Radio, on – How to Barbeque. He has been called the first and the foremost Barbeque scientist, even before the likes of Bobby Flay and Martha Stewart, popularised barbequeing on television, through the Food Network channel.

Noteworthy Contributions of Mr. Bobby Que

  • Mr. Bobby Que has mastered the craft and technique of correct barbequeing, and has been acknowledged for the same by one and all.
  • He has launched books to master the techniques and the art of making perfect barbeques.
  • The barbecue master has also successfully launched a line of barbeque sauces, rubs and marinades, under his brand name.
  • Mr. Bobby Que has also introduced barbeque equipment including the perfect brush for rubbing the sauces on the meat while being barbequed.
  • He has taught the correct way to barbeque to legendary stars and celebrities.


Mr. Bobby Que has written a book on how to make the best barbecue, which has been titled – Barbeque Magic.