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Marcus Samuelsson

Marcus Samuelsson is an Ethiopian born Swedish chef and the owner of several best known restaurants. He became interested in cooking at a very early age inspired by his maternal grandmother and acquired his culinary degrees from Culinary Institute in Gothenburg while he apprenticed at Austria and Switzerland.

Professional Life of Chef Samuelsson

In 1991, Marcus Samuelsson returned to the United States to apprentice at Restaurant Aquavit and soon was made the executive chef at an early age of 24. Shortly after, The New York Times reviewed him and he became the youngest chef of a three star restaurant to have received a review. Marcus Samuelsson recipes have a strong international influence, which mostly combine the cooking techniques and principles of Japanese, Swedish and African cuisine.Presently, at the Umeå University School of Restaurant and Culinary Artsin Sweden, Marcus Samuelsson is the visiting professor of International Culinary Science besides being an advisor to the prestigious The Institute of Culinary Education in NYC.

Achievements by Marcus Samuelsson

  • In 2003, James Beard Foundation awarded Marcus Samuelsson with the title of "Best Chef: New York City."
  • In 2006, the same foundation again honored this world class chef with the "Best International Cookbook" prize for his cookbook The Soul of a New Cuisine, which contained African inspired Marcus Samuelsson recipes.
  • Marcus Samuelsson was the Guest Chef of the White House where he had planned and executed first state dinner for President Obama and his 400 guests including the Indian Prime Minister.
  • In 2010, Chef Samuelsson entered a 10 episode competition Top Chef Masters and competed against 21 world famous chefs and emerged the winner.

Restaurants by Marcus Samuelsson

  • Red Rooster Harlem- Located in Harlem, this restaurant offers traditional American delicacy.

  • Marc Burger – This restaurant follows the unique Marcus Samuelsson recipes for different kinds of burgers with classic American drinks and toppings on offer.

  • Street Food with Marcus Samuelsson – This Stockholm restaurant owned by Marcus Samuelsson caters dishes especially sold in the streets of different parts of the world.

  • C-House – This restaurant located in Chicago is an American Seafood and Chophouse with a raw bar and an open kitchen.

Popular Media Shows featuring Marcus Samuelsson

  • In 2005, Marcus Samuelsson used to appear on a TV show called Inner Chef, which was telecasted on Discovery Home Channel. In 2008, the celebrated chef also did a TV show called Urban Cuisine for BET J/Centric.
  • Chef Samuelsson has also done a number of other media shows, in some of the most watched and respected channels like the CNN.
  • Marcus Samuelsson has played the judge on a several reality cook shows like Iron Chef, Top Chef and Martha Stewart Show.
  • On the popular Today Show, the chef has made frequent guest appearances.
  • Recently, the celebrity chef has joined up with AOL for a web based culinary program called the Kitchen Daily, where he is expected to deliver bi-monthly cooking segments to millions of online viewers.

Cookbooks by Marcus Samuelsson

Marcus Samuelsson recipes can be found in these best selling cookbooks by the Chef author –

The Soul of a New Cuisine: A Discovery of the Foods and Flavors of Africa– This book of Marcus Samuelsson recipesare inspired by the cuisine of Africa, where the chef has developed an African fusion cuisine by balancing the sauces and condiments in his special way so as to make the foods easy to make yet delicious to taste.

Big Fork Little Fork– This book is dedicated to the kids so that they can cook with the family elders and so, the Marcus Samuelsson recipeshave been presented along with educational games.

New American Table– This book covers a delectable range of modern American foods with an international influence.

Aquavit: And the New Scandinavian Cuisine– This cookbook offers a range of Marcus Samuelsson recipesinfluenced by the Scandinavian, Swedish and Indian cuisines.