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Jim Coleman

Jim Coleman is an American Chef, born and brought up in Dallas, TX. He currently stays in Moorestown, NJ with his wife, two children, and two dogs. He has mastered radio, television and print media and considered as one of America’s only multi-media celebrity chefs.

Jim Coleman’s Professional Life

Chef Jim Coleman is a graduate from the Culinary Institute of America and been to places all over the world, from Great Wall of China to the beaches of California. He has remained Executive Chef at many restaurants and luxury establishments like the Five-Diamond Rittenhouse Hotel in Philadelphia, and the Great Wall Hotel in Beijing, China. Currently, he is an Executive Chef at Coleman Restaurant and Normandy Farm, in Pennsylvania. He also looks after the food and beverage operation at the Blue Bell Country Club with Bryan Getz- the executive chef at Country Club.

Noteworthy Works of Jim Coleman

Achievements: Jim Coleman was one of the 40 out of 10,000 applicants who had applied to participate in the premiere session of Madeline Kamman’s Beringer School of American Chefs.

Books: Jim Coleman has published three books:

  • The Rittenhouse Cookbook, is a collection of tasty recipes that are low in fat, cholesterol and sodium. The recipes in the book are easy to prepare and are prepared using the freshest of ingredients.
  • Flavors of America, published in 1998 is a collection of traditional American recipes. It includes appetizers, desserts and coleman’s favorite recipes.
  • Jim Coleman’s Flavors, consists of recipes from his popular TV and radio shows. The recipes in the book are accompanied with colorful pictures of dishes.

Popular Shows

Coleman usually spends time in front of a microphone when he is not in the kitchen. Coleman has been hosting a live weekly radio call-in show, called the “A Chef’s Table” broadcast on WHYY 91 FM since 1996. The show is all about having conversations on a variety of beverages and food issues with nationally recognized chefs, food personalities and authors.

Flavors of America is his long TV cooking series, that runs weekly on PBS and everyday on the cable networks like Comcast and CN8. It hit the public with Coleman as the producer and host.

Coleman came up with a new TV series in 2006 for the health conscious people. The show talked about how to cook healthy recipes without compromising on the taste. The show is aligned with the ADA and provides dietary information with the help of registered dieticians.

Coleman is also featured in a weekly column, called “A Chef’s Table” in the The Philadelphia Daily News where he answers questions asked by the readers.

Jim Coleman’s Restaurants

Jim Coleman is a chef at Normandy Farm and Blue Bell Country Club in Pennsylvania.