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Jamie Stachowski

Chef Jamie Stachowski is a well known chef, who hails from Buffalo, United States and is most known for his skills in the traditional craft of Charcuterie. Charcuterie consists of various ways of butchering, sausage making and preserving meats by curing and smoking – a common practice in most East European cultures. For Stachowski it has been a family tradition, which he now excels in and which has also helped him develop a charcuterie business. He lives in Washington D.C. and is assisted by his wife and two college going children in all his culinary ventures.

Professional Life of Chef Stachowski

Chef Stachowski took to cooking as early as when he was all of 15 years. He came to Washington in 1984 and apprenticed with various chefs acquiring a classic training in flavours, methods and techniques, added to his own family skill of charcuterie. He has also trained under the legendary chef Jean – Louis Palladin. He has also worked with Chef Joachim Splichal, Chef Patrick Healy, Martha’s Vineyard and fine dining restaurants in Boston. He went to open a restaurant in Lebanon in 2004 and also owns a restaurant in Washington D.C. His brand of charcuterie is much sought after by speciality grocery shops, wine houses and chefs.

Noteworthy Contributions of Chef Stachowski

  • Chef Stachowski owns and operates the Restaurant Kolumbia along with his wife, located at K Street in Washington D.C. ever since its launch in the year 2003.
  • He has earned wide attention for the invention of ‘The Butcher Board’, which is a variety of pates, galantines and cured fresh and smoked sausages on a butcher block.
  • He, along with his partner, operated the Meatcrafters – his first charcuterie endeavour – which he finally parted with in 2009, over differences with his partner.
  • He now runs the Stachowski Brand Charcuterie which is the only all natural charcuterie in the Mid – Atlantic Region.

Popular TV Shows

Chef Stachowski has hosted the documentary show called ‘ Meat America ’ with the History Channel. In this show he travels around the country interacting with butchers, farmers, ranchers and chefs.


  • Chef Stachowski’s favourite food is Pierogies which is simple noodles and cheese.
  • His favourite kitchen tools are his own hands as opposed to innumerable kitchen gadgets.
  • He belongs to Poland and is absolutely fanatic about the use of kielbasa in his dishes.