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Frank Maldonado

Frank Maldonado has had the passion for cooking from his early years. He used to help in the kitchen of a family owned restaurant during his summer holidays. His keen interest in kitchen inspired him to take up the course professionally and his specialization is the Puerto Rican cuisine.

Professional Life

Chef Frank Maldonado studied culinary arts from the Disney Institute in Orlando and later on studied it at Escuela Hotelera de San Juan. He obtained his culinary degree from the Escuela Hotelera de San Juan. Frank has revamped the menu for Sazon’s sister restaurant, called Sofrito and also launched a menu at the FB lounge at Don Coqui on the 106th street. Currently, he is working as an Executive Chef at Sazon, which serves the authentic Puerto Rican food. In his professional life, he has also served his delicious delicacies to actors like Rosie Perez, Danny Devito, Marc Anthony, and Carlos Beltran. Frank has an in-depth knowledge of wine industry due to his years experience working as an Account Executive with Mendez and Co. and Destilleria Serralles, rum producer located in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Noteworthy Works of Frank Maldonado


Frank Maldonado has received recognition from many publications and newspapers like El Vocero, San Juan city magazine, El Nuevo DIa, Primera Hora, and El Diario in New York.

Chef Frank is the personal chef to Jorge Posada, the New York Yankee.

Popular Shows

Radio Chef Frank has been featured on RADIO WORO and also aired his own show, called Cocinado Con Chef Frank.

TV Maldonado has been featured on many TV channels, including Channel 7, Bronxnet, Fox News, Food Networks Throwdown with Bobby Flay, and the CW 11 Morning News.

Online Maldonado shares his delicious recipes for home cooks at

Frank Maldonado’s Restaurants

El Sobrino , and El Cameron, located in Puerto Rico serve Spanish and contemporary Caribbean cuisine.

Sazon, FB Lounge, Don Coqui, and Azul Pine Bar and Grill are located in New York. Sazon is one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in New York.


Frank Maldonado was born in kitchen and said to have interest in kitchen and food since then.