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David Lawrence

David Lawrence is a chef and an author of many cookbooks that have become quite popular amongst food lovers off lately. David Lawrence was born in a family of food lovers, in a home with a kitchen which always had something worthy cooking in it. He started his culinary journey from the very young age of eight, when he used to make easy dishes like top ramen and scrambled eggs.

Chef David Lawrence’s Professional Life

David Lawrence had keen interest in food and creating scrumptious dishes for friends and family since his younger years. When he grew up, he pioneered himself to Los Angeles in the early months of 1996.While he was working in many kitchens to hone his culinary skills, he catered many private parties and started creating huge clientele, which ultimately led him to be a private chef in Beverly Hills. After this, he published many cookbooks and his first cookbook- Kidshape Café was introduced in 2005.

Noteworthy Works of Chef David Lawrence


Boy Eats World: The book is a collection of recipes made from fresh ingredients, creating dishes keeping in mind the home cook style and the gourmet flare. There are more than 150 recipes including appetizers, desserts and cocktails.

Kidshape Café: This book consists of 150 recipes that help treat obesity in kids. The recipes are low calorie and tasty at the same time. It also has a program to regulate the regular intake of sugar, salt, and cholesterol.


Chef David Lawrence’s philosophy is to make cooking fun and use the freshest of ingredients to get the best flavors in the dish.