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Chef Pasquale

Pasquale Carpino is an Italian chef, born in 1936 in the southern Italian community of Cosenza, Calabria. He moved to Toronto in 1958 and married a Soporano singer, Evelina. They had two daughters, Lisa and Beatrice. Carpino was a famous TV chef and had written 4 popular cookery books having the recipes for Italian dishes. Carpino died in 2005 due to surgical complications.

Chef Pasquale Carpino’s Professional Life

Pasquale Carpino had keen interest in food and it developed more and more as he worked as a dishwasher and preparatory cook at various restaurants in Toronto. With his dedication and passion for food, he ultimately became a chef and then a restaurateur. While he was working as a chef, he also made sure to learn more about his other passion- Opera. He studied opera from the Royal Conservatory of Music. His love for music made him quite popular amongst food lovers who used to watch his show as he used to sing while cooking delicious recipes on TV shows.

Noteworthy Contributions of Chef Pasquale

Achievements Pasquale Carpino was famously called the singing chef in Canada and was one of the first celebrity chefs of Canada.

Popular Shows Pasquale Carpino was always a part of popular shows in Canada. He appeared as a host in the popular cooking shows in 1980s and 1990s. The names of the shows were Pasquale kitchen and Pasquale kitchen express. The show had him sing along with cooking scrumptious dishes. The recipes that were prepared by him were from the Italian cuisine. He was mainly seen preparing and presenting appetizers, entrée, and desserts. The ending of the show was made interesting by Pasquale pouring the wine and presenting with the dish to the lucky member from audience.


Pasquale Carpino had written four books:

La Cucina di Pasquale – Consists of Italian dishes

Pasquale’s Kitchen Express Cookbook Vol 1- consists recipes from the 72 episodes of the TV show

Pasquale’s Kitchen Express Cookbook Vol 2- consists of fast recipes from his TV series

Today’s Cooking with Chef Pasquale - Consists of recipes that bring about the taste of a perfect blend of classic Italian cuisine and modern North American kitchen. Some of his favorite recipes that have been featured in the book are Poultry and Game, Pasta, Antipaso, Desserts, Salads and dressings, Fresh preserves, Egg dishes, Sauces and Condiments, Entrees, and Vegetable side dishes.


Chef Pasquale’s trademark dress on his shows was the blue smock, red chef’s toque, and a white necktie.