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Chef Lala

Chef Lala is a Latin American chef, food consultant, nutritionist, food stylist, and a motivational speaker. Chef Lala has also written cookbooks, which have gained immense popularity amongst food lovers. She has a catering company with a line of marinades, and sauces. She has been on TV shows talking about making and eating healthy food.

Professional Life

Chef Lala is from a family of Mexican restaurateurs which inspired her to have a career in food and lifestyle. She has been educating communities on how to enjoy the traditional food in a healthy way. She studied the workings of global cuisine at the popular Le Cordon Blue. Lala has a catering company with her line of sauces and marinades, called Chef Lala Homemade. Since, Lala has a certification in nutrition, she has inspired many families with members suffering from obesity and diabetes in urban America. She has been able to motivate and inspire women to accept their bodies and develop a lifestyle to eat healthy and live a healthy life.

Noteworthy Contributions


  • In 2011 , she was awarded Community Spirit Award for inspiring and educating people suffering from diabetes and to stop diabetes in the Latino community.
  • In 2008, Chef Lala was awarded NAWBO Inspiration Award and National Hispanic Woman of the Year award.
  • In 2007, she was awarded Macy’s community award
  • In 2006, she was awarded LBWA Latina’s Business Award.

Books :

Best Loved Mexican Cooking: The book consists of Mexican and American appetizer recipes, desserts, spicy breakfasts, and entrees.

Latin Lover Lite : The book talks about latin recipes that not just taste good, but are also healthy for body.

Yummy For Your Tummy: The book is designed for children to help them grow healthy and do well in life and school.

Popular TV shows

Chef Lala has been on various TV shows as a guest, like The Dr OZ Show, The Today Show, The Martha Stewart Show.

From January 2012, Chef Lala would be seen on the reality show, “Dale Con Gana!”, from the creator , who produced the episodes of “The Biggest Loser”. The show is about four families of Latin nationalities who are overweight and willing to lose weight with the help of the show. Chef Lala would be seen instructing the families on how to eat healthy, prepare dishes with great taste to be able to lose weight fast.


Chef Lala has been a part of many health organisations and is assisting them in spreading education through her work.