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Apple Cheesecake

Apple Cheesecake is a type of cheesecake flavored with fresh apples.

Apple Cheesecake Recipe

Apple cheesecake can be made in 3 styles depending upon the time in hand and the flavor desired.

Baked Apple Style – Firm apples are cut into slices and then baked till soft and crisp. These apples are then layered on to prepared cheesecake crust and plain cheesecake filling in poured into the mould and baked. The cheesecake is served sliced where a distinct apple layer can be seen.

Apple Sauce Style - An apple sauce is made using fresh apples which are stewed with cinnamon and sugar. This sauce is added to the basic cheesecake filling and also reserved to be used as a topping. Instead of sauce some chefs prefer adding grated apples to the filling directly.

Apple Topping Style – A plain cheesecake is served with an apple stew as the topping. Usually the stew is flavored with cinnamon and has some nuts for extra crunch.