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Triple Cream Cheese

Triple Cream Cheese, also known as fromage triple-crème, is essentially a cheese with a rich and creamy taste and a very buttery flavor which is slightly sweet. The butterfat content in the dry matter of the cheese is over 75%. This implies that the overall fat content is 40% which makes the cheese's fat content very similar to that of liquid cream which is extremely heavy. Produced by adding cream to milk till it reaches the desired consistency and fat-rate, the cheese is used in numerous recipes and preparations all over the world. The shape in which the cheese is manufactured and sold varies from a round wheel to a log or a big loaf.

Origin of the Cheese

History has it that the first ever Triple Cream Cheese was manufactured in Normandy at the end of the 19th century. However, it was not until after the World War One that the cheese gained popularity as a post war luxury.

Popular Triple Cream Cheese Recipes and Culinary Uses

The cheese is one of the most widely used and consumed cheese variants around the world. The ingredient's soft and creamy texture is used to add richness to cheesecakes, frostings and dips. It is also mixed with other ingredients while making crusts to make them lighter. In addition, the cheese is also a main ingredient in various savory dishes as well as desserts.

Mascarpone, a variant of the cream cheese, is the main ingredient in Tiramisu. Also, one of the most popular recipes for making Chocolate Brownies features this cheese as an essential ingredient.

Nutritive Value of Triple Cream Cheese Recipes

Since the fat content of Triple Cream Cheese is over 75%, it is not among the world's healthy foods. However, its creamy, smooth and rich taste makes it a favorite of many people as well as chefs looking to prepare lavish dishes and desserts.

It is classified as a “fattening” food and suitable for people who are obese or suffering from health problems like heart disease, high cholesterol levels and hypertension. Consumption in limited and controlled quantities, however, is safe and not discouraged.

Variants and Types of Triple Cream Cheese

Mainly, there are two broad divisions of the tripe-crème types. Some are fresh like Mascarpone and other types of Triple Cream Cheese are soft-ripened like Brillat-Savarin, Boursault, Blue Castello, Explorateur, and St. André.