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Tetilla is a Spanish cheese made in the Galicia region of the country. It is also known by its Galician and Spanish names, Queixo de Tetilla and Queso de Tetilla respectively. It is produced from cow’s milk particularly the rubia galega breed. The cheese is one of the four Galicia cheeses to have received the certification of origin in 1993.

The cheese has a soft and creamy texture with each piece of it weighing about 0.5-1.5 kg each. The name Tetilla has been derived from the shape of the cheese which looks like a breast. It is also known as the perilla cheese or queixo de perilla on account of its half pear like shape.

The soft cheese has a slightly bitter after taste at times and sports a beige colored inedible rind usually. The cheese may have no rind at all at times. The taste is particularly bland and can be paired ideally with ham and other meat dishes. It goes well with Spanish white wines too.

History of Tetilla Cheese

The cheese was originally produced by artisanal methods in the Southern province of La Coruña as well as the Northern regions of Curtis, Arzúa y Melide and Sobrado dos Monxes. It is now produced throughout the region of Galicia. The farm made cheeses were produced from unpasteurized milk initially.

Popular Tetilla Cheese Recipes

  • Topping- Can be used as a topping for crackers, fruit based desserts and quince pastes.
  • Sandwich Filling- Ideal as a filling for sandwiches, burgers and frankfurters.
  • Baked Eggplant- Sprinkled on the eggplant shell just before baking.
  • Stuffed Padrón Peppers- Mixed with the filling that is used for stuffing the peppers.
  • Artichoke Hearts- Thin slices of the cheese are served atop the artichoke hearts dipped in oil.

Buying/Storing Tips: Perilla Cheese

Tetilla cheeses are available in Gourmet cheese shops across the United States of America. It is also possible to buy the cheese online. Some stores stock up on the cheese only during the holiday seasons.

The commercial cheese has a shelf life of 160days and has to be kept refrigerated at 0-5 degrees Centigrade. A temperature of 4-8 C is maintained during transportation of the cheese.

Nutritive Value: Queso De Tetilla

A single ounce of Tetilla has 12 calories with 10g of it being obtained from fat. It also contains 6g of protein and a reasonable amount of calcium which comes from milk. The cheese has been exempted from having a nutritional facts label on it by the FDA.