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Sugar Free Cheese

Sugar free cheese dishes can be safely consumed by diabetics, dieters and patients on low calorie diets. Low fat cheese is generally approved as a healthy snack for dieters and diabetics but the exact variety of cheese has to be chosen carefully. Full fat cheeses are contraindicated as they contain more than 7% saturated fat. According to the Mayo Clinic, food items with less than 7% saturated fat content are ideal for diabetics. As a result, low-fat, high water content cheeses like cottage cheese, string cheese and non-fat cheeses are ideal for use in sugar free recipes.

Popular sugar free cheese varieties that are low in fat include the Purdue Ag Alumni Swiss and Sargento Light String Cheese varieties which are very low in fat and are ideal for diabetics. These low fat cheeses also have a low glycemic index which means that they do not raise blood sugar levels dramatically in diabetics. These cheeses are also high in protein which means that they will provide much more energy as compared to carbohydrate-based snacks or meals.

Popular Cheese Sugar Free Recipes

  • Sugar free cheesecake recipes are made with low fat cheese that is whipped with egg substitutes, lemon juice, zero-carb liquid sweeteners like Splenda, sour cream, yoghurt, butter and almond meal. Additional flavoring agents like chocolate, pumpkin, blueberries, strawberries, peanut butter, vanilla, pureed fruits, etc. may be added to the basic recipe to make the cheesecake.

  • Sugar Free cream cheese frosting is made by combining low fat, light cream cheese with low fat margarine, Splenda, low fat milk and vanilla essence.

  • Sugar free cream cheese cookies and muffins are an ideal snack that are prepared by whipping Neufchatel cheese or light cream cheese with flour, Splenda, butter and eggs.

Sugar Free Low Fat Cheese Buying Tips

Most normal cheese varieties contain 9 gms of fat per ounce. Sugar free cheese varieties will usually use low fat cheeses like part-skim mozzarella, cottage cheese, string cheeses, farmer’s cheese, goat cheese etc.

Most cheese manufacturers now supply low-fat versions of cheese that can be consumed by diabetics in limited amounts. Common cheeses like low fat cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, Brie, Colby, and American Cheese can be consumed in a sugar free diet in limited amounts.

Sugar Free Cheese Trivia

All sugar free cheese dishes will use fat free cheeses that are low in saturated fat. The ideal fat content for fat free cheeses will be 6-7gms of fat. Shredded cheese will have less than 2 % fat and is ideal for sprinkling on pizzas but they don’t melt well and the taste of the cheese varies considerably.