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Soft White Cheese

Soft white cheese is a white cheese, which is soft to touch and is an important part of the French cuisine. It is said to have originated in regions of Northern France, specifically in the country of Brie. It tends to vary from the mild, buttery cheeses to the rich, savory kinds which have the mushroomy aroma. Soft white cheese is preferred for the velvety rind which is white in color and its buttery golden core, making it very popular amongst French people.


Brie- This is a classic cheese which is made in a white, round and flattened wheel. The core of the cheese softens to runny consistency like custard, as the cheese turns ripe. The aroma of this cheese is like that of fresh mushrooms which is coupled with a taste that is savory, buttery and rich. The Double Brie product by the famous Black Label from King Island is popular and world class cheese. The best method to choose the right Brie is to find one that tends to give away a little pressure of the thumb.

Eating and Serving: Traditionally cheese is not only a part of dishes but also eaten as dessert in France. Brie is served with the white wine after a main course meal.

Camembert: This cheese was originally made in round shape of containers. The reason being that this cheese has a very different process by which it matures. The core of the cheese is firm and bulges once ripe. Camembert has a flavor that is mainly sweet and one that is characterized with a nutty tinge. Traditional Camembert from Tasmanian Heritage is prized for its well balanced, salty yet sweet, creamy and a complex blend of flavor. A perfectly ripe cheese is the one whose rind changes color from pure white to yellow, indicating the maturing of the cheese.

Eating and Serving: Camembert is served with great pride on special occasions and is a part of the French cuisine. When eaten with wine, the delicious flavors seem to gain a savory compliment.