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Semisoft Cheese

Semi soft cheese is a cheese made from either the goat or cow milk and has a little more firm texture than the soft cheese. This kind of a cheese has more water content. These cheeses have more shelf lives and can be stored in a cold dry place for a longer period of time than the softer cheeses.


Roves Des Garrigues : This cheese is produce in the provence, France. It is produced from the native breed goat’s milk, called the Rove and the name is kept after the goat’s breed name and the vegetation, Garrigues on which the goat graze. It has a flavor of laurel, thyme, fennel, citronella, and lavender. It goes with White Cotes Du Rhone wine.

Stanser Roteilli: This semi soft cheese is from Switzerland that carries a strong aroma and assertive flavor. It has a milk flavor and gives a pungent taste, when it ripens. It goes well with the Viognier wine.

Taleggio: This comes from Italy, with mild flavor, semi soft to touch, and has meaty , tangy notes with fruit touch. It goes with Chardonnay wine.

Fouchtra: It is made of goat milk and comes from France and unlike the other goat cheeses, this cheese has a smooth and creamy texture. It has a rich milky taste with subtle aroma. It is paired well with Chenin Blanc.

Old Kentucky Tomme: Old Kentucky Tomme is a delicious semi soft cheese from the United States. It is made from the goat’s milk, that takes upto 6 months to mature, and develops a natural rind around it. It goes well with light beers, and many white wines.

Manchester: Manchester cheese is from the United States, made from the goat milk. It has a nutty flavor with firm texture. However, each wheel or lot has a distinct and different taste due to the aging process and rotational grazing.

Abbaye de Tamai: This semi soft cheese is from France and is made from the Cow’s milk. This dates back to the 12th century. It has a pink rind, covered with Geotrichum. It well paired with wines including Roussette, Merlot, Macon, Sicilian Chardonnay.