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Rocamadour refers to a cheese variety from Quercy and Périgord regions of France, where the name of the cheese has been derived from a community (with the same name as the cheese) in Lot department, which has been honored with the status of AOC (an Appellation d'origine contrôlée) since the year 1966. The cheese variety from this region belongs to the family of Cabécou, where the cheese weighs only 35 grams and is produced from goat milk, which can be consumed after allowing the aging to take place for around fifteen days. However, the cheese becomes intense in nature if the aging process is allowed to take place for a longer time period.

This French cheese is round in shape and small in size, similar to other kinds of goat’s cheese, where the skin of the cheese is thin and the paste is creamy and soft, with a mild scent suggestive of milk. The cheese is light in nature enriched with fragrance of hazelnuts.

Production of Rocamadour Cheese

The production of this cheese is carried out with un-pasteurized and raw milk of the goat, where around twenty or more hours are allowed for the coagulating process of the resultant curd, which is then drained during twelve hours, without cutting, and then combined with salt, molded manually, and refined after that in cellar at 10 degree temperature for a minimum of six days.

The resultant French cheese, Rocamadour, which is famous as a gourmet cheese, is velvety in nature where the color of the paste is cream ivory. The cheese has a thickness of only 0.25 inches and diameter of 2 inches, enriched with melting texture.

Uses of Rocamadour Cheese

  • The younger variation of cheese Rocamadour can be eaten in salads, in sandwich and on hot toasts.

  • The intense and older variation of the cheese is normally consumed alone after having meals along with red wine.

  • The cheese can also be used in preparing various dishes, like macaroni, pizzas etc

Popular Rocamadour Cheese Recipes

Easy Cheese Appetizer Recipe

This is a very nice appetizer in which pieces of cherry preserves, Rocamadour goat cheese, and tomatoes (sun dried), are arranged on sesame crackers which are placed on serving platter, and garnished with parsley before serving. This is a wonderful appetizer where the creaminess of the cheese and sweetness of cherry preserves pair amazingly to enhance the flavor and appeal of the dish. Other ingredients or chutneys could also be used to augment the taste of the appetizer.

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Baked Macaroni and Cheese is one of the highly popular comfort foods all over Europe where macaroni is baked in a cheese sauce made up of cream, butter, and Rocamadour goat cheese, and the dish is served hot topped with some butter and grated cheese.