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Queso is a Spanish recipe, also known as Chili con queso. Queso is an appetizer and very commonly served in Tex Mex restaurants.

Background and variations of Queso

In Spain, Queso is a recipe called “chili with cheese”. Queso is originated in Texas and it is a part of Southwestern cuisine. Chili con queso, a Texas style recipe is found in Washington DC, Alaska, Arizona and Phoenix. Queso is a kind of dipping sauce made with the ingredients like cheese, chili peppers and cream. For variation in the recipe guacamole, ground beef and black beans can also be added. In Mexico, queso is made by adding green or red chilies. Queso is eaten with tortilla chips, Fajitas, tacos, quesadillas and special queso chips.

Queso recipes

Chili rice on queso, meatballs con queso, chili con queso with vegetables and arroz con queso are some authentic queso recipes.