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Provel, a processed cheese made by Cheddar, Swiss and provolone cheese, has a soft and creamy texture, spicy taste and yellow color appearance. This cheese is made from goat’s milk and is commonly used as a topping for pizzas in St. Louis. This cheese is not easily available in other parts of world yet.

History And Origin Of Provel Cheese

This cheese was first produced in 17th century in St. Louis area of Missouri by Costa Grocery in partnership with Hoffman Dairy Company of Wisconsin. The people of St. Louis at that time wanted to have a pizza with melting cheese, one which can break easily with the crust and melt in the mouth. Hence to meet the demand, a cheese was made by mixing Cheddar, Swiss and Provolone cheese.

The copyright on the name Provel, which was first used to refer this mixed cheese, was first held by Churny Company, Inc. of Glenview, Illinois which is now a fully-owned subsidiary of Kraft Foods.

The cheese gained popularity in the year 2005 after which it was used in many New York City eating joints.

Culinary Use Of St. Louis Cheese

  • This processed cheese is widely used as a pizza topping in St. Louis. St. Louis style pizzas are popular pizzas of Missouri and have a thin crust and are sliced into squares and rectangles for serving. The pizzas use this cheese as topping.
  • The cheese is soft at room temperature and thus makes a good spread on toasts.
  • This cheese is often served with salads and sandwiches.
  • Barbecued meats and vegetables taste well when accompanied with this cheese of St. Louis.
  • It is also used in many pasta recipes instead of Italian sauce.
  • This processed cheese also tastes well with several wines.

Popular Provel Cheese Recipes

Italian enchiladas- Provel is also used to make tortillas filled with beef and cheese, which are broiled and flavored in delicious Italian sauce.

Cheesy salad- A tasty combination of lettuce, onions, olives and cheese

Gooey butter cookies- Sweet and soft cookies made by oatmeal and cheese; a favorite treat of kids as well as adults

Nutritional Value Of Cheese Of St. Louis

A rich source of protein, Provel contains Vitamin A, calcium, carbohydrates and approximately 100 calories in one cup of grated cheese.

Trivia- Provel Cheese

Provel is labeled as pasteurized processed cheese and does not adhere to the moisture content given by FDA in United States.