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Organic Cheese

Organic cheese is the cheese derived from the milk of organic grass-fed cows. It is made without the use of antibiotics, added growth hormones, or dangerous pesticides. The milk is obtained from the cows feeding in all-organic farms eating only organically grown pasture grasses. In addition, organic cheese recipes are free of artificial colourings and flavourings and in largely the enzyme rennet employed to curdle the milk is not genetically engineered or animal-derived.

History of Organic Cheese

Organic cheese recipes have been in vogue since ancient times when cheese making was devised. However with rapid industrialization, the ancient techniques were cornered for pursuing large scale production interests thereby ignoring the positive aspects of rather slow traditional techniques. Of late people have realized the importance of natural processes that are indigenously free of hazards and beneficial for health.

Popular Organic Cheese Recipes

Organic cheese recipes are cheese recipes having the regular cheeses replaced by organic cheese.

Cheese Sauce is a sauce flavoured with other ingredients such as soy sauce.

Cottage Cheese Spread is a great spread for breads and rolls.

Spiky Cheese Soup is made using vegetables and stock

Baked Squash With Cheese is a cheese flavoured and textured squash recipe.

Cottage Cheese-Fruit Salad is simply made using fruits with organic cheese.

Nutritive Value of Organic Cheese

Organic cheese possesses healthful levels of calcium and protein and other nutritional values.

It has a perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fats.

It has high levels of "conjugated linoleic acid"(potent cancer fighters) precisely five times more than that from grain-fed cows!

It has significantly high amounts of beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E than cheese from grain-fed sources.

Above all it is free of all antibiotics and growth hormones.

Organic Cheese Buying Tips

The label on the organic cheese pack must be checked properly so that it adheres to the regular guidelines.

In the UK and the U.S., certified organic labelling is run by law. There are several benchmarks imposed by organic certification authorities and for this the organic cheese packaging must be checked for organic accreditation symbols and logos from OFF and SOPA or the official USDA organic seal. Cheese labelled and titled “organic” must have at least 95% organically-produced raw or treated agricultural product.

Organic cheese of all kinds can be had from good cheese shops, farmers markets, delicatessens and by mail order.