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Mondseer is a semi hard cheese of Austrian origin. The cheese is also known as Schachtelkase. This cheese is made from cow’s milk and contains a traditional rustic flavour of the region. The cheese can be compared to two other varieties of cheese – Limburger and Muenster. The cheese is made from pasteurized, semi skimmed cow’s milk. The speciality of this cheese is that it is sometimes made from goat’s milk also. This gives the cheese a completely different texture. Schachtelkase is of smooth texture. It is also slightly creamy. It has a rich butter colour and is usually prepared in large rounds. These rounds weigh somewhere between twenty to thirty pounds. The cheese has a sweet and sour taste. However the smell of the cheese is on the spicier side and is quite strong. The cheese has a distinguished washed rind. The cheese requires two to three months for aging. The milk used for making this cheese is usually treated with a salt water wash. This helps the cheese to get a firm texture.

Origin of the Cheese

The cheese originates from the Salzburg region of Austria. It was first produced in the 1830s and is one of the oldest, traditional cheeses available. The first production took place in Mondsee palace. Since early 19th century it is produced in abundance in Salzburg by cheese producers who have their own dairy farms and also a specific breed of cow to supply the milk for the cheese.

Methods of Preparation of Mondseer Cheese Dishes

Usually this cheese is not cooked but can be baked or grilled. It is quite popular in dishes like gratins and is also used widely as a topping. Mondseer is served as a table cheese and is also used for garnishing. Some popular dishes where this cheese is used as a topping are - Wild Garlic with Roasted Tepary Bean in Finger Lime Lablab Sauce and Wine Palm with Broiled Celtuce & Melons Wineberry Espagnole.

The other ways of serving this cheese is in a cheese platter, in a baguette along with other fillings or topping up a salad.

Cuisines commonly making Schachtelkase cheese dishes

There is not a single cuisine which can be pointed out to be using this cheese as one of its ingredient. However, this is a popular cheese and can be used in any kind of cuisine. It is mostly consumed by Europeans and Americans.

Nutritive value of Mondseer Cheese

The cheese contains 45% fat.

Buying and storing of the cheese

  • This cheese is a favourite among cheese lovers and is exported all round the world. Thus it is easily available at cheese shops, grocers or in online shopping.
  • Mondseer is best kept under refrigeration.