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Manouri or manoypi is a popular Greek cheese made from goat’s or ewe’s milk. The cheese is made out of the whey that is left after the production of feta cheese. As a result of this cheese is mild in taste and is much creamier. This cheese is exotic white in colour and is a soft cheese. The cheese is fresh in taste and has a lemony zing added to its flavour. The speciality of this cheese is that it goes well with other varieties of cheese. By mixing this cheese with other cheese many dishes can be prepared. This soft cheese does not contain any casing. Neither there is any rind. It usually comes in the shape of a log and is sold as a whole or in pieces. The making of this cheese follows a similar recipe as the making of kefalority cheese or feta cheese. The cheese contains lot of humidity and is very greasy. It is sometimes used as an alternative to Greek yoghurt and is served with breakfast cereals.

Origin of Manouri cheese

The speciality of this cheese is that unlike feta it is made only in Greece. It usually comes from the regions of Thessalia and central and western Macedonia. It is a very popular cheese and is produced in huge quantities.

Preparation of the Cheese

This cheese is used in different kinds of foods along with other ingredients or sometimes by itself. The cheese dishes can be prepared in many different ways – frying, baking, grilling or no cooking at all. While making spanikopita, the cheese is used as a filling along with other cheese and then baked. It is also a very famous dessert cheese. Manouri me Frouta is a dessert containing this cheese, walnuts, honey and fruits. This dessert does not require any cooking of the cheese. On the other hand while using as a substitute to sour cream for cheesecakes, this cheese is baked. While making Manouri Me Kythoni the cheese is coated with flour and deep fried. It is also used while making custard pies for Easter.

Apart from the above mentioned preparations, manoypi is used as a topping for pastas and salads and is also served with vegetable sticks and fruits.

Cuisines that include Manouri Cheese

This cheese is an integral part of Greek cuisine. It is used in different kinds of Greek preparation and is loved by all.

Nutritive value of the cheese

Being a light cheese manoypi has very less fat content. It also has low cholesterol. This cheese is sometimes used as a low fat substitute for Greek yoghurt.

Buying and storing Manoypi

The cheese is readily available in shops and online. The best way to store manouri is refrigeration. However the cheese should be consumed before the expiry date mentioned in the pack.