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Low Fat Cheese

Low fat cheese can be any type of cheese that is prepared with skimmed milk. Usually, cheese is regarded a calorific ingredient containing lots of fat, but with the increasing popularity of low-fat recipes the demand for low fat cheese has also increased.

Some cheese are naturally low in fat, but few varieties are produced for being lower in calories. Goat milk is used to make low fat cheese as goat milk is relatively lighter than cow’s milk. This reduced fat cheese is mildly flavored with rubbery texture. The cooking technique used for making low fat cheese recipes is quite different from other recipes.

This type of cheese with less fat is a quite popular ingredient in the recipes specially meant for diet regime. Obese people, diabetic patients and other individuals preferring light recipes may include low fat cheese in the meals without any guilt.

History and Origin of Low fat cheese Recipes

There is no factual evidence related to the origin of low fat cheese, but it can be said that introduction of low-fat recipes has led to the birth of this reduced fat cheese. Regular cheddar cheese contains lot of saturated fats that is not letting the cheese lovers to relish their favorite recipes generously. Might be this is the reason of the origin of cheese with less fat in order to benefit the individuals having a special liking for cheese.

Culinary Uses of Low fat cheese

Different cooking techniques are used for low fat cheese as it contains less moisture and has a rubbery texture. It is little difficult to melt the cheese while preparing low fat cheese recipes, hence avoid cooking them over the direct heat.

This type of cheese goes very well in salads and sandwiches. Low-calorie pizza toppings can also be prepared with low fat cheese. Various appetizers and comfort foods can be cooked by using this cheese with reduced fat. Especially, low-fat diets include this variety of cheese.

There is also a fat-free cream cheese that works very well with added herbs and tastes best when blended with other ingredients.

Methods of Preparation of Low fat cheese Recipes

Low fat cheese is relatively difficult to cook on direct heat; hence it is usually shredded and used as a topping for salads, pizza and pasta. Slicing can also be done in order to make burgers and sandwiches.

Cuisines Commonly Making Low fat cheese Recipes

Low fat cheese is not regarded a high-quality cheese for consuming, owing to its chewy and rubbery texture and mild flavor. There are no specific cuisines that make low fat cheese recipes, but all cuisines include such recipes.

Buying and Storing of Low fat cheese

Low fat cheese is typically dry and have hard texture; hence it should be purchased from trusted shops that sells fresh cheese without cracks. It is recommended to store cheese in refrigerator, but not more than 2 weeks as it may spoil the taste and texture of the cheese. In order to preserve the little moisture of the cheese, wrap it in wax paper and seal with foil while storing.

Nutritional Value of Low fat cheese Recipes

Being lower in fat, low fat cheese is a highly nutritional ingredient. Like other cheeses, this variety is also high in proteins, calcium and phosphorus. Saturated fat is also very low in low fat cheese recipes.

Types of Low fat cheese

Some cheese are naturally fat-free. Few examples are: Part-skim mozzarella that is prepared with skimmed milk, Farmers cheese, string cheese and cheese Neufchatel. Few varieties are especially created to be lower in fat. Examples are monetary jack cheese, Brie, Swiss cheese and Colby cheese. The best variety of low fat cheese is Cabot cheese.