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‘Juustoleipa’ is fresh cheese, which originated in Northern Finland nearly 200 years ago. It is also known by the names – Leipäjuusto, Bread cheese, Finnish squeaky cheese, Narskujuusto, etc. It is made mainly from cow’s milk, which has calved recently. The cheese is also made from Rein deer or goat’s milk as well. It is also believed that the traditional cheese was made from Rein deer’s milk in Finland. The specialty of the cheese is that it baked during the cheese making process. This is a round cake with a brown crusty surface. The brown crusty surface is made by the caramelization of the sugar content due to the baking process. This makes the cheese look similar like bread toast. It is a dry cheese and hence could be stored for a long period of time. It is usually served with fruit jams.

Culinary Uses of Juustoleipa Cheese

The cheese can be consumed warm or cold. It is also served as a side dish along with coffee. The Swedish recipe ‘Kaffeost’ or coffee cheese is normally prepared with it, where a slice of the cheese is put in a cup along with hot coffee. The cheese is cut into diamond shapes and served with cloudberry jelly or fresh cloudberries. It is used as a replacement for Feta in most of the salads in the modern Lappish cuisines.

Nutritive Value of Leipajuusto

The Juustoleipa consists of nearly 110 calories in a single serving and has 74% fat, 22% protein, and 4% carbohydrates.