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Isle Of Mull

Isle of mull is a dense and hard cheese with blue veins spread across. It is traditional farmhouse cheese and it got its name from the location where it is made. The milk that is used for Isle of mull cheese is sourced from Friesian cow’s or Ayrshire or Jersey cow’s. These days, the brown Swiss cow’s milk is also used for preparing this cheese. The most unique thing about this cheese is that the milk is not pasteurized. It has a very natural flavor and the rich, mature variant may have some blueing, which is natural. The cheese is put in an underground cellar to mature.

History of Isle of Mull Cheese

This cheese originated in Scotland in the Isle of mull. Traditionally, the cows were fed with hay and used malt to ensure good quality milk. The production of this cheese is time consuming and tedious. It takes up to 12 months to age.

Facts about Isle of Mull Cheese

When this cheese is wrapped in cloth for ageing, it leaves a pale yellow mark on the cloth. This cheese when made in winter will be much paler since no coloring agents are added to it. Moreover, during winter, the cows are fed with hay and during summer, they are fed with grass. This difference changes the color of milk, which in turn changes the color of cheese.