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Grilled Halloumi

Grilled halloumi is softened, not melted, halloumi cheese cooked by way of application of dry heat though grilling process. The halloumi cheese has its origin in Cyprus; however, these days it is also popular in other countries viz. Sweden, Greece, and all through Middle East. The halloumi cheese is white colored cheese with layered texture, and is usually made with a mixture of sheep’s milk and goat’s milk; however, a few varieties also make use of cow’s milk to prepare the cheese. The cheese has a high melting point, than normal, and is therefore considered to be excellent for grilling purposes.

Preparation Overview

The grilled halloumi recipe suggests grilling olive oil brushed halloumi cheese slices on hot grill until gently crisp and slightly brown. The cheese is crisp only on the outside; it is gooey and soft from inside. It is best served with grilled lemon wedges, to be squeezed over cheese during consumption. Black pepper can be sprinkled on top of the grilled halloumi cheese prior to serving, for enhanced flavor; however the use of salt is not at all recommended as the cheese in naturally salty. The grilled cheese can also be served after drizzling a dressing made up of olive oil, currants, honey, finely chopped tomatoes, and chopped parsley.


A few serving suggestions for grilled Cypriot halloumi cheese are listed hereunder:

  • The grilled halloumi cheese is served with vegetables.
  • The grilled cheese is commonly served with watermelon in Cyprus in summers.
  • The cheese is also served as an accompaniment to soft lamb sausage and smoked pork.
  • The grilled cheese can be served as a topping for spiced couscous dish.

Culinary Uses

A few culinary uses of the grilled halloumi cheese are explained as follows:

  • It is popularly used as one of the ingredients of salad in Cyprus, Sweden, and several other countries.
  • Halloumi is also used to make a kabob. The cheese is arranged along with several vegetables and meat on the skewers and grilled on hot grate to make a delectable kabob.
  • The grilled cheese can be used in grated form over pasta.

Nutrition Facts

One serving of grilled halloumi cheese provides around 64 calories, obtained from 4.8 g of fat, 0.6 g of carbohydrates, and 4.6 g of protein.