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Fresh Cheese

Fresh cheese is the term given to soft cheeses that are not aged or ripened properly. They are usually not long lasting and tend to spoil within a few days. The curdling substance rennet is usually added to the milk during the preparation of cheese but fresh cheeses are prepared by using an acidic agent preferably. The rennet gives the cheese a gel like consistency which is common in longer lasting varieties of cheeses. Fresh cheese can be made derived by curdling the milk with a mixture of rennet and acidic agent too. However, the proportion of the acidic substance is always higher when it comes to the fresh cheeses.

There are practically no additives in fresh cheeses with most of them being prepared by draining off the curdled milk and retaining the soft semi solid mass which is then eaten directly or cooked according to the fresh cheese recipes.

Cottage cheeses, Cream cheeses and Ricotta are all varieties of the fresh cheese.

History Of Fresh Cheese Recipes

The origin of cheeses including that of the fresh cheese is believed to be the Middle East. The Sumerian people have also been known to consume cheeses almost 4000 years before the birth of Christ. However, the finesse of cheese making including some of the earliest fresh cheese recipes were discovered during the Roman Era.

Culinary Uses of Fresh Cheese

This type of cheese is quite bland in taste and needs to be spiced up or used in combination with other intensely flavored ingredients. The different types of fresh cheeses have different culinary uses with some of the commonest fresh cheeses being:-

  • Cream cheese Dips
  • Desserts particularly the cheesecake.
  • Ricotta cheese fillings are used in patties and crepes.
  • Dumplings and pasta dishes make use of these soft cheeses.
  • Cottage cheese can be used in salads, gravies and kebabs.

Popular Fresh Cheese Recipes

Ricotta cheeses are highly favored by the Italian cuisine and most of the recipes that include this fresh cottage cheese are desserts. Cottage cheeses known as the Paneer is extremely popular in the Indian subcontinent while the cheesecake cannot be baked without the soft and creamy cream cheese. Some of the most popular recipes that feature the fresh cheeses are:-

  • Feta and Ricotta Cheese Fondue- A combination of Feta and a cupful of Ricotta cheese flavored with parsley, lemon juice and black pepper.
  • Farmer Cheese Soup- A delicious soup made of vegetables and strips of bacon contains a good amount of Farmer’s cheese too.
  • Cheesecake- Fresh cream cheese topping on the crumbly biscuit or pastry base is an essential ingredient for a cheesecake.

Nutritional Value of Fresh Cheese

The cheese is considered to be quite healthy and low calorie which makes it an ideal diet food. Some specific types of fresh cheeses may be salted which increases the sodium content in them. The FDA has however warned of severe infectious diseases that can spread via the contaminated soft cheeses.

Fresh Cheese : Trivia

Fresh Cheese is fashioned into a ball and eaten in Italy.