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Dunsyre Blue Cheese

Dunsyre Blue is a blue cheese from Scotland made through traditional methods at Humphrey Errington farm in Soufth Lanarkshire. It is creamy by nature with a lightly sweet taste, having a moist white or pale yellow colored rind and contains blue-green tangy veins in between. The cheese comes in wheel of 16 centimeter diameter weighing between 3 to 4 kgs.

History of Dunsyre Blue Cheese

The cheese was invented by Humphrey Errington in Scotland intended to be made out of sheep's milk. The creator used cow's milk in its place as sheep's milk was hard to find during autumn.

Making and Nutritive detail of Dunsyre Blue Cheese

The cheese is made using raw and unpasteurized milk of Ayrshire cows which is curdled with the help of vegetarian rennet.

It is shaped into cylinders in quantities between 3 and 4 pounds, wrapped in foil and allowed to age between 6 and 12 weeks.

Nutritive detail

The cheese contains up to 45 percent fat.

Culinary Uses of Dunsyre Blue Cheese

The cheese pairs well with most Scottish liquors including Rhone wine and whisky. The rind layer is peeled out and then the cheese is wrapped. The cheese can be topped over steaks and burgers. It can be crumbled in salads such as spinach salad along with walnuts and pear or be spread on cakes such as oatcake.

Popular Dunsyre Blue Cheese Recipes

Dunsyre Blue Cheese, Plum Tomato and Red Onion Tart is a recipe where the tomato and onion tart is topped with slices of the cheese and baked.

Dunsyre & Watercress Soufflé is a savory recipe where in the chhese is folded along with butter, flour, egg yolks, seasoning and watercress.