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Cheese Log

Cheese log is a delicious and decorative party snack. It is made from a block of cheese and the cheese log recipe uses the whole log. It is a perfect party dish and is served during Christmas and Thanksgiving. Cheese logs are very rich and can be prepared in different styles. Some of the popular variants include tuna, pecan, clam, pesto, beef, and walnut cheese log and so on. Although, it has many variants the log is made of Velveeta cheese. A cheese log recipe is refrigerated before serving. This dish does not require cooking. It is quick to prepare and tastes deliciously yummy.

History of Cheese Log

Cheese log recipe tastes best with Velveeta cheese. This is a processed cheese, which has a smooth and soft texture. Velveeta was first made in 1918 by a Swiss immigrant of the Monroe Cheese Company in New York. Later, the company was sold to Kraft Foods in 1927. The brand name Velveeta connotes the velvety textures of this cheese. It is extremely smooth and melts in the mouth. This variant of cheese is very popular in USA. Velveeta cheese log is also popular in Canada, Hong Kong, Philippines and South Korea.

Ingredients of Cheese Log Recipe

This snack item can have a variety of ingredients. It can be prepared in different styles and has several recipes. Some of the common ingredients are olives, green chilies, cream, garlic, salt, green pepper, pimiento, pecans, parsley, red pepper, lemon juice, paprika, Worcestershire sauce and onions and so on. The cheese log recipe can also include other ingredients like walnuts to make different variants. All these ingredients are mixed well and spread on the kneaded cheese. The Cheese log is kneaded with hand and spread on a flat surface to make a square or rectangular spread. The ingredients are spread over it with a spatula and rolled up. It is then refrigerated overnight.

Cheese Log Serving Tips

Cheese log recipe can be served with crackers or corn chips. Cheesy dip can also be used as an accompaniment with it. The log is refrigerated overnight and wrapped with aluminum foil. It is then cut into thin slices before serving. It is usually served cold. It can be covered with nuts for garnishing.

Health and Nutrition

Velveeta cheese, which is the main ingredient of a cheese log, is high in calcium. It is also high in phosphorous, which makes it a healthy cheese. However, it also has saturated fat and sodium content and this can be harmful. This cheese is also high in protein and a good source of Vitamin A. One serving of this cheese is equal to 6 percent of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin A. However, this cheese log is not a good source of iron, Vitamin C and fiber.