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Caravane, nicknamed Camelbert, is the brand name of a cheese made from camel milk. A soft cheese with a white crust, it is manufactured in Mauritania by a company called Tiviski. The cheese is difficult to produce but is popular on the account of it being low in lactose. Mostly, the cheese is available in Nouakchott stores and eateries. It is not an easy find and can be an expensive purcahse.

History of the Caravane Cheese

The cheese is produced by Tiviski. The company was founded in 1987 by Nancy Abeiderrhamane and with the help of the FAO, the firm started a camel cheese-making process in 1992. A scientist was sent over to Tiviski to show the owner how a special enzyme can be used to give the products of the company the correct consistency. The experiments resulted in Camelbert.

Culinary Uses of Camelbert

As the cheese is low in lactose, it is used in the preparation of various dishes, drinks and desserts requiring less lactose. The popularity of Caravane has led to it becoming an important ingredient in the preparations of Mauritania and the neighboring Senegal. The cheese is used in cakes, savory meat and vegetable preparations, dips, drinks and various types of appetizers and desserts. The soft and creamy texture and a unique taste make it an excellent red wine companion.

Cuisines Using Caravane Cheese

For a very long time, the use of camel milk was limited to the Middle Eastern and African countries alone. With time, however, the popularity is spreading. As the cheese is made from camel’s milk and is predominately produced in Tiviski, the local cuisine there makes abundant use of it. Senegalese cuisine also boasts various recipes which make use of the camelbert. The low lactose level, however, is steadily making the cheese a popular ingredient in American and European cuisines as well. It is, although, difficult to procure the Caravane in Europe and America.

Nutritive Value of Camelbert

The cheese, in addition to being low on lactose, packs more vital nutrients and vitamins than cheeses made from goat's or cow's milk. Camelbert is rich in iron and vitamins C and B. Camel milk has at least 3 times more nutrients than cow's milk. This makes Camelbert a healthier option.

Buying and Storing the Cheese

The cheese is by-far only produced in Tiviski and the quantities are not very abundant and camels do not give a lot of milk. In Tiviski and neighboring areas, the cheese can be purchase easily and it can also be ordered online. A few stores in New York have now started selling Cambert, and the cheese is soon expected to be put on shelves in Europe as well.

Like any other cheese, Caravane has to be stored carefully in a cool and dry place.