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Buxton Blue

Buxton Blue is a special cheese made in Britain that is considered to be a vegetarian cheese. The cheese is russet colored on the outside with a hard rind. The interior of the cheese is a light orange in color with light blue veins on the inside of the cheese. The Buxton Blue comes in a special cylinder that can be quartered for purchase.

History of Buxton Blue cheese

Buxton Blue is very common in taste to Stilton but the cheese has a protected status. According to the Protected Designation of Origin Laws, the cheese that is made in the three major regions of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire or Staffordshire is only considered to be the right Buxton Blue. Local pasteurized cow’s milk is collected and then used to make the cheese. The exact origin of the cheese is not known but most blue cheese is prepared by mixing rennet, annatto and blue cheese mold with the prepared milk. The cheese is allowed to process from anywhere from one month to ten months to get the right taste. By the late 17th century, cheese making had become a really popular venture with local farmers as well as the numerous monasteries in the region. The exact color and taste of the cheese also seems to vary over the three localities that it is made in. for example, Buxton Blue may also be colored a pale white, to dark to medium yellow, orange, and even as a simple light pink. The color of the fungal veins will also vary resulting in light green or blue veins in the cheese. A few varieties also have chocolate brown vines running through it.

Culinary Uses of the Buxton Blue cheese

Buxton blue is a cheese that is most popular as a salad dressing but it is also served by itself on a cheese platter. The nutty soft texture of the Buxton blue cheese also works well when it’s used in dips and soups sprinkled on top.

Nutritive Value of Buxton Blue cheese

Buxton Blue cheese has a fat content of 45% which makes it a relatively soft cheese.

Buxton Blue cheese Buying/Storing Tips

Buxton Blue is a very hardy cheese and it lasts for a very long time. It is made all through the year and is sold online through gourmet cheese websites. After opening the pack, wrap the cheese with tin foil and refrigerate.