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Raw Tree Nut Cheese

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Learn just how far you can go with raw tree nut cheeses and how to make them look amazing to serve to guests.
  Blue cheese 15 Gram (with macadamias and spirulina)
  Cashew cheese 15 Gram, cut in small pieces
  Macadamia cheese 15 Gram (with chillies)
  Cheese roll 30 Small, sliced
  Macadamia pesto cheese 15 Gram
  Olive and caraway cheese 10 Gram
  Balsamic glaze 1 Teaspoon (balsamic vinegar and olive oil)
  Pear crisp 3 Small
  Smoked olive 1
  Aussie olive 1
  Moorish olive 1
  Marinated tomato wedges 5 Small (organic dehydrated)
  Dehydrated crackers 3
  Fermented pear chutney 2 Tablespoon
  Candied walnuts 5 (dehydrated with maple syrup and chinese 5 spice)
  Greek basil sprig 2 Small
  Salad cress sprig 2 Small
  Chives sprig 2 Small, cut in 1 " pieces
  Spring onion 1 Small, slices thinly
  Thyme sprig 1 Small, leaves removed
  Dill sprig 1 Small

1. In a clean plate, decide on which part you would like to place the cheeses.
2. Start with one side of plate, place a larger and stronger piece of cheese and plate smaller and milder cheeses as you come to other side.
3. In one side of the plate, place blue cheese, then cheese roll slices, macadamia cheese with chillies, macadamia pesto cheese, olive and caraway cheese and cashew cheese.

4. Put the drops of balsamic emulsification, anywhere where is looks great.
5. Place the pear crisps, make them stand by leaning them with cheese.
6. Arrange the olive with cheese, where it suits the flavour. Place smoked olive with chilli cheese, Aussie olive with blue cheese and the Morish olive with caraway cheese.
7. Place the marinated plum tomato pieces wherever it looks nice and arrange the dehydrated crackers.
8. Spoon the chutney on the plate, and arrange the walnuts.

9. Put the Greek basil on the pesto cheese, salad cress on caraway cheese and chives on chilli cheese.
10. Tuck the decent slices of spring onions on the rolled cheese, sprinkle thyme leaves on rolled cheese.
11. Put the dill sprig over the blue cheese.

12. Serve as desired.

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45 Minutes

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