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Soybean Cheese

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Soybeen cheese is added to other vegetables in hot dishes, and may be added like cheese to rarebits and similar dishes.
As it has the consistency of soft cream cheese, it can be seasoned and used with herbs as stuffing for celery stalks, green peppers or raw tomatoes.
It may also be used mixed with salad dressings or formed into balls to serve on crisp lettuce leaves, or as a garnish for a mixed fruit or vegetable salad.
Method 1.
Heat 4 quarts of soybean milk to about 170°F.
then add 2 cups lemon juice.
Stir until mixed and let stand until curd forms.
Place this in a cheese cloth bag and dip gently in cold water to remove the excess acid.
Hang the bag to drain off the liquid, and press out the liquid remaining after about 1 hour.
Season with salt and pack into a damp mould, cover and store in refrigerator until firm enough to cut.
Method 2.
Allow soymilk to stand in a warm place until it has formed a curd.
Stir, then add an equal amount of almost boiling water and stand for 15 minutes.
Place in cheese cloth bag and drain for 2 hours.
Then treat as for Method 1.

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Soybean Cheese Recipe