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Cheese Board

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1 pound grapes
1/2 pound each of four cheeses
Sliced crisp fruits (optional) such as apples, pears, or star fruit
1 French bread

1. Place the grapes in a solid bunch on the upper left-hand corner of the board.
2. Place the softest cheese on the lower right-hand side of the board. Use a kitchen knife to break off irregular, bite-sized pieces of the hardest cheese, leaving at least half of it uncut (in the business, we call this a "gross piece"— appealing, isn't it?). Arrange that block in front of the grapes, with the broken pieces leaning against it. Place the other cheeses anywhere on the board; cut the first 4 small pieces from each, and lean them against the gross pieces. Place a knife next to each cheese.
3. If you are using a very large board, you can arrange small piles of additional fruits. If not, serve them separately. There should be some blank space on the board.
4. Just before serving, slice the French bread and arrange it with the crackers in a napkin-lined basket or bowl.

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Cheese Board Recipe