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Ceviche is a popular international sea-food delicacy of the coastal regions of the entire Americas. In particular, the dish is predominantly served in special occasions in parts of South America and Central America. It is a traditional South American dish, with origins tracing back to the reign of some of the earliest inhabitants of the region. Ceviche, in some regions, also spelled as cebiche or seviche, is predominantly prepared from fresh white fish marinated in lime juice. The interesting aspect of most of the ceviche recipes is that they are not cooked in heat, but, served fresh, right after their marination, so as to avoid potential chances for food poisoning. This method of cooking does not change the original texture of the raw fish and is therefore served in its post-marination mild-pink colour.

History of Ceviche Recipes
The origin of the dish ceviche is still a matter of dispute even after decades of its invention. Some historians strongly assert the trigger of the classic form of this delicacy by the Spanish, who initially introduced the culinary use of citrus fruits like lime to South America. However, some differ in their opinion and suggest the introduction of the dish to the modern world by what is now called, “Peru”. This fact is further supported by historical findings which indicate the consumption of ceviche like dishes in northern area of Peru, during the Moche civilization, around 2000 years back.

Ceviche Recipes –Ingredients Used
Fresh sea-water fish fillets are one of the integral requisites of the dish. The taste that dominates the flavour of the dish is that of its marination. The ingredients that make for the marination of ceviche are fresh lemon juice, soy sauce, white pepper, sliced onions and salt. Apart from the main ingredients, one may introduce leaves of lettuce, cabbage to make it a complete meal for the eaters.

Ceviche – Preparation Overview
The sole method of preparing most of these dishes is marination. This method of preparation renders the distinguishable tangy flavour to the ceviche which is typically appreciated through the entire South America. Ideally, the classic version of the dish requires a marination time of around 3 hours. However, the modern version of Ceviche, revamped by the famous chef Dario Matsufuji, requires a shorter span of time for preparation. The usage of right quantity of lime juice in the dish is integral to its preparation. The citric acid in the lemon alters the protein structure of the fish so as to make it firm and fit for consumption.

Ceviche Recipes - Serving and Eating Suggestions
Since Ceviche is a refreshing dish, it is typically served in lunch or brunch. The characteristic of the dish is to serve the fish fresh in its raw form at a normal room temperature. One may find the ideal timings of serving the dish in authentic ceviche restaurants between 10 am to 4 pm. The idea is to serve the fish trapped in the morning before it becomes stale in late afternoon. Moreover, the aroma and flavour of its herbs can be best enjoyed at a beach-side with a refreshing, warm and moist weather. The dish is ideally accompanied by light side-dishes like avocado, corn, lettuce, sweet potato, boiled potato which complement the flavour of ceviche.

Popular Dish Variations of Ceviche Recipes
As per the popular observation, most of the Latin American countries have rendered their own individual touch to the dish to make it more delectable as per their own eating preferences. In Peru, the dish is added with accompaniments like sliced pieces of sweet-potato and corn cobs. In Ecuador, the dish is given more tangy flavour with the addition of fresh grinded tomatoes. In occasional days, ceviche may be served with varied local shellfishes, especially, oysters, black clam, barnacles and more. Addition of octopus, sea bass and crabs in the dish are also popularly observed in Ecuador. In Chile, besides the classic form, many ceviche recipes are often prepared from fillets of Patagonian toothfish or halibut.

Types of Ceviche Recipes
Numerous varieties in this sea-food dish are observed.

  • Ceviche de Langostinos which is Ecuadorian variety prepared from shrimp, tomato sauce and choclo.
  • Ceviche de Langostinos which is another popular shrimp based dish dominated by the flavour of avocado and mango chunks.
  • Vegetarian Ceviche salad which is an intriguing dish loaded with fresh green vegetables and sliced mozzarella. Additional of marinated onions, chile peppers and choclo corn are option in this delicacy.
  • Northern Pink Shrimp in Ceviche which is a popular Peruvian dish prepared from marinated shrimps.
  • Classic Peruvian Ceviche which is only prepared from saltwater fish.

Miscellaneous Facts About Ceviche Recipes

  • The dish is a good source of proteins.
  • The dish can also be prepared from other seafood delicacies like shrimp, squid, scallops, red snapper fillets.