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Tasty Ceviche

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Last week, I asked you what your favorite party food was. Today, I am featuring the comment with the most 'thumbs up' - which belongs to chinaeyes22, aka Jason Telmo of the NoyTube Stars. Jason was looking for a fresh new presentation for raw salmon or tuna. Sadly, I have no oysters, but today's recipe can use either salmon or tuna. In honor of Jason and the Philippines, I am using some inspiration from Pinoy cuisine and giving my fish the kinilaw treatment. Kinalaw is a Filipino ceviche with tropical infusion. With a little imagination and creativity, we have made a delicious and colorful party food that you will love.

1) Start by making wonton cups. For this, coat the wonton skins in oil.
2) Put the wonton skins in the cup cakes tin. Fill all whole tin with wonton skins.
3) Put the cup cake try in the oven at 375 degrees until they turn golden brown.
4) Take sashimi salmon and dice them into 1/2 inch squares. You can also use tuna instead of sashimi salmon.
5) Take a large mixing bowl and add the diced salmon.
6) Pour the juice of 1 lemon.
7) Add a 1/4 cup of diced red onion to the salmon.
8) Add 2 teaspoons of grated ginger.
9) Add a dash of sashimi oil and soy sauce.
10) Add 1/4 cup of chopped cilantro and 1 chopped red chili.
11) Pour the fresh coconut water of 1 coconut. Add the tender flesh of the coconut as well. Mix them well.
12) Take the wonton cups and fill them with this prepared mixture.

13) Add little masago and serve the dish.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
South American
Side Dish
Cook Time: 
25 Minutes
Being a very popular dish in coastal region of South America, Ceviche is quite simple to make. Serve it as a seafood appetizer or as a side salad dish. Take down the recipe!!

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